This video demonstrates our recommended way to stretch the hip flexor muscles at the front of the hip.

This can be very useful for people that sit for extended periods of time and have anterior hip tightness or Gym goer’s that low back pain or tightness.

Our recent article ‘The Hip Flexors”outlines the anatomy of the two muscles that make the hip flexor group. The important point is that the Psoas muscle has attachments into the lower spine itself and therefore can play a significant role in lower back pain and tightness.
How does that change how we should do this stretch?
We need to posteriorly tilt the pelvis to get a true/more effective stretch!

Our main cues (try it out to find what works best for you!):

  • Lift your belt buckle towards the ceiling
  • Tip your hips as if they are a bucket of water… aim to tip the water out the back
  • Imagine a tail on your tail bone and aim to tuck it between your legs