Why Do You Have Shoulder Pain?

Overview It’s very common for patients to come in presenting with ‘shoulder pain’. The ‘shoulder’ is so broad and different patients report ‘shoulder pain’ for different presentations. WHERE is the pain? Is it between your shoulder blades? In your neck? … Read More

Sore Neck?

Overview The deep neck flexors are the muscles on the front of your neck that stabilise the cervical spine, ensuring an appropriately aligned posture. These muscles attach along your cervical spine, as well as onto your upper ribs and vertebral … Read More

Lumbar Disc Herniation

Overview – Lumbar Disc Herniation TWO-THIRDS OF HERNIATED DISCS HEAL ON THEIR OWN!! – RESULTS FROM A RECENT META-ANALYSIS Too many people think that once you have a lumbar disc herniation (disc bulge), that you’ve got it for life. Well, … Read More

Lower Back Stretch

Get Moving! A quick and effective lower back stretch to get your lumbar vertebrae moving before a workout or after sitting at work.