Sore Neck?

Overview The deep neck flexors are the muscles on the front of your neck that stabilise the cervical spine, ensuring an appropriately aligned posture. These muscles attach along your cervical spine, as well as onto your upper ribs and vertebral … Read More

Prevent Osteoarthritis

Overview Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative disease of the articular cartilage in the load-bearing joints of the body. Healthy articular cartilage acts as a joint-lubricator, providing a surface for low friction articulation and smooth movement. Following cartilage break down, this … Read More

Muscle sprain

Avoid Injury

We exercise for a myriad of reasons. This can include reduction of body fat, weight management, mental health, or just for the overall positive health benefits.  However, there are certain injury prevention protocols that should be followed.  The last thing … Read More