Ankle Ligaments

Lateral Ankle Sprains

Lateral ankle injuries occur when the ankle undergoes forced inversion (toes pointing down and inwards) and the body weight rolls over the outside of the foot. There are three main ligaments on the lateral side of the ankle connecting the … Read More

The Hip Flexors

Anatomy of the Hip Muscles The hip flexors are a group of two muscles known as iliopsoas (the illiacus muscle and the psoas muscle). They sit at the front of the hip, originating deep in the abdomen and inserting into … Read More

Hamstring Injuries

The Hamstrings are the group of three muscles that run down the back of the thigh: Semitendinosus (most medial / toward the inside of the thigh with long thin tendon) Semimembranosus (also toward the medial/inside side of the thigh) Biceps … Read More

Neck Exercise to Correct Chin Poke Posture

A simple exercise to help alleviate tight upper neck, forward head posture and headaches

Muscle Strains

Why do Muscles Strain? Muscle injuries or ‘strains’ can be painful and stop you from doing the activity you love. There are a number of potential causes including: Muscle overload: where the muscle is stretched beyond its capacity or challenged … Read More

Chronic Pain

Are you experiencing long term pain from a previous injury which doesn’t seem to be resolving? Understanding pain is extremely important in being able to successfully manage it and return to a happy, unrestricted and pain free life. This blog … Read More

Bulging Discs – Anatomy and Treatment

This article will explore the physiotherapy treatment options for bulging discs. First it helps to understand the anatomy of the spinal disc..   What is a Spinal Disc? Spinal discs are  the shock absorbing rings of fibrocartilage and glycoprotein that … Read More

Back Pain Management – Must Knows

Back Pain Management – Must Knows Don’t panic Almost everybody will experience lower back pain at some point in time. Lower back pain can have a recurrent nature – this is relatively ‘normal’. Recovery times can be relatively quick and … Read More

Knee Ligaments – Why Do They Matter?

Overview Torn knee ligaments are one of the most common injuries among sports people. They occur for various reasons – a differing mechanism of injury according to which ligament is injured. Most people will not understand the function of the … Read More

Why Do You Have Shoulder Pain?

Overview It’s very common for patients to come in presenting with ‘shoulder pain’. The ‘shoulder’ is so broad and different patients report ‘shoulder pain’ for different presentations. WHERE is the pain? Is it between your shoulder blades? In your neck? … Read More